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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, May 29, 2009
    Ready for the Cup Final

    Just ninety extra minutes
    Just one more game to play
    And when we win at Wembley
    It’s Everest, the hard way

    Those long dreamed dreams of glory
    Are now one game away
    Within our reach, within our grasp
    Like Everest, the hard way

    It’s time we should feel lucky
    It’s time to have our say
    It’s time win against the odds
    Like Everest, the hard way

    All for one and for all
    We’re here and here to stay
    No such things as easy games
    Everest, the hard way

    We’ve struggled and we’ve sweated
    We’ve battled and we’ve won
    Looking to the future
    Let’s hope it’s just begun

    Let’s give the blues the blues
    And prove that skies aren’t grey
    Let’s reach the top victorious
    Everest, the hard way
    Paul Cookson (poet with ukulele) phoned to share with me his Cup Final Poem. It's a good description of the way it feels for us now, after the journey we've had to Wembley: having overcome Liverpool, Middlesborough, Aston Villa, Man United and, as David Moyes didn't fail to mention, 'Macclesfield on a rainy January' to get to the Cup Final. Paul may be taking part in the coverage of the game, possibly, giving a fan's view on a cable TV channel. If so he'll have plenty of great material to share with them, much of it having been recognised over recent years by the club and people around it. Plenty of other Everton poems on his revamped website. And while you're there do check out Paul's very excellent set of Slade beermats (print them out; use them around the house).

    Pic: My bedroom window, banner and t-shirt ready for the occasion. Thanks Diana. From my Flickr photostream