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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, March 05, 2009
    Polished poet slightly perturbed by Liverpool paranoia
    Having been tipped off that John Pilger's coming to give a Roscoe Lecture in December I found myself on the lecture series website dipping into the recordings of previous presentations to the self-selecting great and good of Liverpool by some famous names and notables. My favourite by far so far: Roger McGough in conversation with Roger Phillips last year:
    RP: It's interesting, the idea that you're regarded as the Poet Laureate for the city. They are looking for a new Poet Laureate. Your name hasn't appeared, and I saw a letter in the paper recently saying, 'Why isn't Roger McGough being considered as a potential Poet Laureate?'

    RMcG: Yes, I'm glad they published my letter.

    It's funny that, I did see the letter, someone pointed it out to me. There's great letter on the same page which said, 'I see they're changing the bard at Buckingham Palace', which was rather nice. But I noticed that the Guardian and the Telegraph printed lists of suggestions of people who they think might be the next laureate... My name's never mentioned, and it's ok, but you think, well hang on, I have been around a bit. So I always think it's that Liverpool paranoia comes up. 'Why not me? It's because I'm an Evertonian, a Catholic, cause I'm going bald', you know, all these things...