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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, March 19, 2009
    Occult Heritage
    What are they thinking, placing a university bookshop on the road directly between Sheffield railway station and the Urban Theology Unit? So directly that if you enter on the lower level (Law, Business) and exit from upstairs (Literature, Art, Mothers Day cards) you can use the shop as a short cut uphill. Inevitably I broke my journey there on Monday and emerged with a book which is helping move my explorations in psychogeography away from literature awhile, to focus on film.

    Besides ripping Billy Elliot to shreds (quite rightly, that crass film certainly deserves it), Paul Dave's Visions of England: Class and Culture in Contemporary Cinema digs deep into the works of Patrick Keiller, Derek Jarman, Chris Petit and Iain Sinclair and has me currently conjuring with the term Occult Heritage.

    This month I will be mostly watching difficult left-field films of English marginalia on my discount DVD player. It will be fun.