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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, November 23, 2008
    From a member of the Puffin Club
    After a week's break enjoying much laughter and entertainment with various adorable children of family and friends, I come home to the unlikely gift of a letter I once wrote, recovered by my auntie Dot from somewhere. It evidently has no more sentimental value to her and so I am left with it: PONDERING what benefits I may have gained from being a member of The Puffin Club (besides the evident free stationery, a nice touch); AWED at the quality of my handwriting. I doubt it's ever been that good, anytime since; AMUSED by the formality (all that stuff about the weather); DISAPPOINTED by the pedantry (that guff about the boundary changes dates this at 1974, the year that the metropolitan boroughs were created to much reactionary whining which evidently got into my eleven-year-old head); TOUCHED by all those kisses (noting that Sam, their dribbly pug, was excluded from them); and finally, DEVASTATED by that P.P.S. All I can think is that it was a show of generosity to that couple of LFC fanatics given that we'd capitulated to West Brom in a 4th Round replay in February, and they were about to appear at Wembley to give Newcastle the expected tonking. I'm sure no one reading this will use it against me...