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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, September 21, 2008
    Feeding Psychogeography
    John is good at taking the initiative and he's done it again - adding a psychogeography news feed to his national psychogeographic website. Straightforward enough idea; helpful to those of us too preoccupied to do our own google news searches all the time. One drawback: the feed churns up rather a lot of Will Self. This is compensated by surprises such as a link (via Wired) to the Near Future Laboratory's Drift-Deck (Analog Edition), which is quite simply a deck of cards each bearing instructions which guide the walker on drifts about the city:
    Each card contains an object or situation, followed by a simple action. For example, a situation might be - you see a fire hydrant, or you come across a pigeon lady. The action is meant to be performed when the object is seen, or when you come across the described situation. For example - take a photograph, or make the next right turn. The cards also contain writerly extras, quotes and inspired words meant to supplement your wandering about the city.
    Designed for exhibition at the recent Conflux Festival I don't think the Drift-Deck is for sale. However it's the sort of thing any self-respecting psychogeographer might invent for themselves, in situ. I may just give it a go sometime. Maybe over the next three days which I will be devoting to my own new psychogeographical pursuit. More about that back here on Wednesday.