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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, January 02, 2008
    Dirty Tricks
    Wearing a stylish Dickensian topper, a long back cape, knee-high black Doc Martens and a black t-shirt bearing a gnostic incantation, he looked like a character escaped from his own story. I spent Boxing Day morning with the writer of a most enthralling tale, a twisted tale of terror and torment set on the backstreets of Georgian Liverpool.

    I'd forgotten that last year when I read that story I'd suggested to the then-unpublished writer that he Lulu'd it. He had done, and it's been there freely available as a download for a lot longer than my own - quite different - publication. The cloaked creator's excellently-written short story is called Dirty Tricks and the writer is Timothy Blundell, my godson, born on the Christmas Day when ET: the Extra-Terrestrial made its British TV premiere.

    Dirty Tricks won Tim plaudits at school where he wrote it, and online at Lulu from experienced writers. He's conjured a story set between the gutters and chimneys of a soot-darkened city, a tale of grey horses, flintlocks, instruments of torture, its antihero a mercenary with a cracked moral code. It's a bit like Tarantino with smog. Dark stuff, brilliantly realised, an achievement which brings a spark to the heart of this godparent.