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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, March 21, 2007
    When I drive my Ford Mondeo
    His dream is to own what I refer to as a ladies' car (well, the only people I know who own them are girls). But for now he's Mr Everyman, he runs a Ford Mondeo. Anyway it's stood him in good stead, Peter, as he's written a great poem reflecting on this year's Greenbelt theme, called When I drive my Ford Mondeo. He assures me that it's entirely safe, but whilst driving he manages to observe a lot of very close details of everyday life: The landscape sucks me in; / Everything appears in microcosm, he writes. And at the end of the poem, this is how he answers the question Where’s God?:

    She just walked past you, actually,
    Smiling at the kids,
    Remarking to their Mums how well behaved they are.
    He was wiping tables at the café,
    Asking after you, funnily enough.
    She was taking her younger brother to the park
    So Mum could have a break.
    He was opening a door
    For an old couple to enter Boots.

    Where’s God?
    In the grit, in the grime
    In the mundane joy
    Of washing dishes,
    Hoovering the house, wiping baby’s bottoms,
    Visiting the sick, listening to the lonely.
    Often out of sight
    Infamously working with a kind word
    Whispered in passing.
    An understood look between friends;
    An arched eyebrow between lovers.

    As we scratch beneath the make-up
    Of our raw lives,
    Tenderness and compassion
    Are available
    If we look hard enough
    Into the magic and mystery
    Of the routine and humdrum.

    [If you'd like to see the whole poem, drop me a line and I'll put you and Peter in touch]