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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, May 11, 2006
    Poetry in Motion
    "It's often the same with poems. They always seem to get you in trouble." Roger McGough was talking about the Early Day Motion in verse which he had penned to encourage Parliament to share in the celebrations of Liverpool's Capital of Culture status. Parliament wouldn't have it, but not because it was in poem form (which would have been a first), but because of the inclusion of the word sarnies which was evidently one scouseism too far. McGough said, "I thought it was a smashing rhyme with Armanis." Here's Roger's banned Early Day Motion in full:

    That this House congratulates the people of Liverpool
    For scousers, as you all know
    Aren't given to boasting or making a show
    Stiff upper lip, that's our motto
    When we speak it's voce sotto

    But the city has something to celebrate
    European Capital of Culture, two thousand and eight.
    So it's off with the trackies and on with the Armanis
    Out with the champagne and the caviar sarnies

    The chance to invest in what it does best,
    Dance, drama, music and the rest.
    'The Town of the Talk', more sinned against than sinning
    If not a new Jerusalem, at least a new beginning.

    That this House shares the sense of pride,
    Of purpose and spirit, on Merseyside.