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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, April 22, 2006
    Fading to blue
    That's it. One home game to go and the season is fading to blue. Being mid-table means drear dullness like today's draw against a Birmingham side who look like there's nothing left in their tank, either. But at least we're not where they are, facing relegation. We've been there in the not-too distant past; it keeps the adrenelin going until the end of the season but it's certainly no fun.

    Quote from Moyes today: "In recent weeks we haven't been able to buy a goal." An unintended reminder of the 3-2 vs Wimbledon twelve seasons ago - the result which kept us in the top flight and which some doubters reckoned must have been 'fixed'. It wasn't, but it was an astonishing result. May 7th 1994 - the only time I've ever bought a ticket for a game from a tout, at inflated prices: win, draw or lose, I had to be there that day, with all the other True Blues. It was one of the most formative two hours of our lives.

    Things are less desperate now. Just a question of going online to renew the season ticket. Never any question of renewing my support. That's footy following in all its blind stupidity, but look at it another way and this is one of the few areas of my life I've ever showed anyone or anything any lasting commitment.

    Next season will be different, though, as I'm going halves on the seat. I miss so many games due to this ridiculous weekends-and-evenings job I'm in, so it makes sense. We'll usually be able to get tickets for the odd games we both want to see; and on other days maybe I'll broaden my footy horizons again.

    Maybe I'll go to Wigan, who I used to watch in their non-league days, and I'll almost certainly pay more time, attention and turnstile cash to Marine... both of whom are currently more entertaining and successful than we are. Not that entertainment and success were ever mandatory for an Evertonian. Who cares? Come on you Blues!