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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, April 16, 2006
    Curious, vinegar
    It was good, the Manchester Passion. Others have detailed why. I'm just left wondering how they managed to conceive it without any reference to Manchester's greatest and most prophetic band, The Fall. In consequence, here's my suggestion for a set list for a future Manchester Passion based entirely on Fall songs...

    For the entry into Jerusalem, Hit the North:
    Hit the North
    Manacled to the city, manacled to the city"

    To describe the unfolding drama of 'Holy' Week, Free Range:
    "This is the spring without end
    This is the summer of malcontent
    This is the winter of your mind...
    It pays to talk to no one..."

    For the Last Supper and betrayal, Couldn't Get Ahead, or Hip Priest ("He is not appreciated...")

    Jesus to Pilate - Secession Man:
    "You're the one that always runs the show
    And happiness comes easy when its bright and breezy
    Sudden inspiration to a session man's sensation
    I've got to get up early this morning
    Gotta get my early warning"

    Pilate to Jesus - Bombast: "Feel the wrath of my bombast!"

    To complement the crowd behaviour at the trial, Cruiser's Creek:
    "There's a party going down around here
    Next to Freedom street
    Get the last of the poison off my chest
    Cruiser's creek"

    Petty (Thief) Lout would make a good song from the cross. Or Blindness (The flat is evil and full of cavalry and Calvary / And calvary and cavalry. / So I said: “Blind man, have mercy on me.”).

    The final words, perhaps, Mike's Love Xexagon:
    "When I died - love was all around
    When I died - love was in the air
    When I died - love was everywhere
    When I died - ?"

    Peter's song: Feeling Numb ("Everything is broken / because of grist that curtails")

    Judas's song: I'm not Satisfied:
    "Got no place to go
    I'm tired of walking
    Up and down the street all by myself
    No love left for me to give
    I try and try
    But no one wants me the way I am
    Why should I pretend I like
    To roam from door to door
    Maybe I'll just kill myself
    I just don't care no more
    I'm not satisfied
    Everything I've tried
    I don't like the way
    Life has been abusing me"

    And one for the finale: Return:
    "God bless the cold winds and its refreshing consequence, uh-huh,
    Oh please return."

    Bring it on!