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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, March 07, 2006
    Cut and paste

    You are invited to a reading of
    Eliot Weinberger's
    "What I Heard about Iraq"
    on 20th March 2006

    to mark the third anniversary
    of the invasion

    Eliot Weinberger's What I Heard about Iraq is a collage of the actual statements made by American administration officials and their allies leading up to the war, and then, after the war began, of these same officials, as well as American soldiers and ordinary Iraqi citizens. It is a history of the Iraq war in "sound bites," from 1992 to January 2005. 

    After its publication in the London Review of Books, the text was the most-visited article ever on the magazine's website, and was reproduced or linked on some 100,000 other websites. It has been translated in many languages. A sequel, What I Heard about Iraq in 2005 was published by the LRB in January 2006. 

    A dramatic reading of "What I Heard about Iraq" was held at the Berlin International Literature Festival on 11 September 2005. Other independent readings have been held in Sydney, New York, Luxembourg, India, and various other parts of the world. A multimedia stage adaptation began in Los Angeles. Opera houses are contemplating creating a libretto using the text.

    The Peter Weiss Foundation for Art and Politics - responsible for the Berlin Festival - is organizing a worldwide reading of "What I Heard about Iraq" by Eliot Weinberger on 20th March 2006. More information, and the original text, can be seen at www.literaturfestival.com.

    Liverpool reading:
    Liverpool Methodist City Centre Church
    2nd Floor, 96 Bold Street

    (above News From Nowhere bookshop)
    1.30pm - 3.30pm, Monday 20th March 2006

    We will also use this occasion to remember Norman Kember and the Christian Peacemaker Teams. You might come prepared to contribute to a voluntary offering to be divided between the Christian Peacemaker Teams and a donation to the Methodist centre for the use of their rooms.

    Email me for more information.