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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006
    One of our Turnips is missing
    As seasoned readers may (wearily) recall, no visit to the cottage in Dolwyddelan is complete without Jim and I putting our heads together to compose a verse-cartoon entry for the visitors book (Jim being the creator of the cartoon at the top of this page, and many other caricatures of me over the years). So, a whole decade after penning the classic Dolwyddelan Days, here's my latest, erm, effort:

    Inside the cottage sit Jim, Glen and Gini
    Staring out at the rain-sodden scenery.
    It's a day to stay in and enjoy playing cards,
    But something is wrong and we're taking it hard;
    While the coal fire is glowing and hissing:
    One of our Turnips is missing.

    Happy Families is the name of the game,
    But something's amiss and it's such a shame.
    While the Pills are dispensing and the Pints are delivering
    At the Greengrocers' shop the folks are a-quivering;
    For the Sole boys are all out fishing, but:
    One of our Turnips is missing.

    There are four Dough the Bakers and four Stitch the Tailors
    And four White the Painters and four Heel the Shoemakers,
    But Mr and Mrs and Miss Turnip have lost
    Their son - brother - Master T. at some cost;
    For his rapid return we're all wishing:
    One of our Turnips is missing.

    Did young Master Turnip desire to escape,
    To roll down the lane to make a clean break?
    'Don't ask why' this young card has become so wayward,
    It's affecting the moods between Davies and Haywood;
    Until he comes back there's no kissing:
    One of our Turnips is missing.