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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, February 18, 2006
    East Lancs Road perspectives
    I chose the worst time - this year - to travel the short distance along the East Lancs Road to M62/J8 this afternoon. Just half an hour after the end of the match up the road; just as the out-of-town Liverpool supporters and the Man U fans were gridlocked and grimacing on their Home Counties-bound outward journeys.

    Both sets of fans looked miserable, United's presumably because they'd lost pitifully, Liverpool's because, well, that's their default look anyway, the sad cases. Or perhaps for some of them the misery was because the early kick-off meant that they were condemned to spend the rest of their day in the same way as I had to: visiting the living hell which is Ikea, travelling gingerly back with a car full of flat packs obscuring all but one rear view mirror, and then spending hours at home putting the new gear together.

    Four hours of struggle and now I'm King Assembler of New Bedroom Furniture. Hopefully that's the last Ikea experience I'll be having for a long, long time. But boy, do I ache. Blistered hands, torn arm muscles, gnawing back pain. Perspective gained from frequent Radio Five reminders of today's nauseating injury to Alan Smith. Oh, and the somewhat larger matter of the loss of the entire population of a Philippines village.