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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, August 31, 2005
    The great in the small
    It's great that Greenbelt is open enough to invite to its stages and lecterns artists and contributors from outside the immediate Christian world - I felt so affirmed in that the three speakers I suggested, all in that category, were all invited to GB05 and were all appreciated by those who saw them: Anna Minton, Eyal Weizman and especially Bill Drummond who was a blazing success.

    And though I missed seeing them at Greenbelt it was great to see on the music line-up folk of the calibre of Jim Moray and Karine Polwart.

    Who to suggest for next year? I guess there's probably some way to go before we might see dark masters of the mystical arcane Current 93 sharing a stage with people who played Soul Survivor the week before.

    I came home to find on my doormat their retrospective 2-cd set Judas as Black Moth, released this week. As expected it's a wondrous survey of the poetry and mystery and generous heart of David Tibet, "the most elegant writer alive" (Devendra Banhart). Songs like They Return to Earth and Lucifer over London seem an odd soundtrack to my first-day-after-Greenbelt. But I'm loving them.

    and i wanted to write for you
    songs poems and bibles
    your face spotted with pearls
    and hand-cuffed to Christ
    but i couldn't stop watching the signs