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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, January 25, 2005
    That's better
    After a down day, an up. The only disappointment today - front seat, top of the bus into town this morning, glancing down Hotham Street to see the sign on The Academy telling me I missed Julian Cope there last night. Hadn't known he was coming. Work would have caused me to miss it anyway. So I compensated for this loss (he's unmissable, truly) by getting onto Head Heritage and ordering his long-awaited, now just out cd Citizen Cain'd. Check out the song titles and you already know it's a winner....

    But the glory in the day lay herein:

    1. Waking up and breakfasting to the bountiful tune of Jim White's Borrowed Wings;

    2. Enjoying bus rides in and out of town;

    3. Punctuated by a fine day's training (on leadership through change) in the company of valued colleagues - the guy running four inner-city parishes and perhaps the city's most demanding hospital chaplaincy, The Women's, his day punctuated not unusually by an appointment presiding at the funeral of a child; a young curate, sharp-minded, creative, a stimulus; the senior colleague who a decade ago sensitively guided me along the route to ordination;

    4. Protracted phone conversation with a non-church parishioner booking a baptism and sharing spiritual insights so profound I ended our talk by saying, "thank you";

    5. A good hour in the home of one of those couples you wish were more around in the church but who don't find it in them to go all the time these days, just like I'd be without the grinding responsibility of office (I wonder if I'd go at all, as this seems to be where church really is)...

    6. A letter from Jan, just about to embark on an adventure as writer in residence at a London university, with her latest book of poems to engage and engross;

    7. Two glasses of red and an emotional Shameless before bed...