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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, December 13, 2004
    Mennonite musings
    I miss my frequent day-trips to London (from when I was computer-programming and Greenbelt-directing) and the occasions they offered to stop over and take part in something going on at the London Mennonite Centre. I've been poring over their latest mailing today, clicking through their website and pondering over reviving those valued, precious links.

    One day perhaps the Peace Churches will claim me for their own - it would not be such a remarkable departure for me, energised into the faith in my late teens through the social-gospel / peace-church visions of the likes of Jim Punton, Alan Kreider and Ron Sider. Meanwhile I'll plod on where I am, energised by the likes of these things on offer from LMC and their excellent book service:

    - Michael Kirwan's Discovering Girard - which looks a very accessible introduction to the mimetic theorist;

    - A day at LMC with Stuart Murray Williams, author of Post-Christendom and the forthcoming The Church after Christendom;

    - And four days with Richard Blackburn, looking at Family Emotional Process in churches - a systematic attempt to try understanding congregational behaviour. Based on the work of Edwin H. Friedman whose book Generation to Generation blew my mind at college and now sits on my shelf demanding to be re-read.

    These and plenty more ... they're all happening in Highgate, 2005.