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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, August 26, 2004
    Bags packed for Greenbelt, my 26th - itching to be there now, like I was all those years I spent as as one of our gang's outriders arriving 48 hours early, setting up camp illegally to ensure a good spec for the rest of the group.

    Contents of bags include:

    1. Hurriedly-photocopied posters, flyers and admin papers for Soul Space;
    2. Copy of This Diary Will Change Your Life as inspiration for A Year of Living Generously;
    3. Favourite little Moleskine notebook for journalling the weekend, updated with Greenbelt friends' mobile phone numbers and two pages of scribbles in anticipation of A Year of Living Generously;
    4. Two sets of rainclothes;
    5. One show-off t-shirt for each day of the festival (blogger shirts, mainly);
    6. Emergency supplies of daft poems (my own and John Cooper-Clarke's) in case Paul Cookson pulls me up on stage to perform during The Twist.

    And collected together for in-car entertainment en-route, various works by The Handsome Family, Rosie Thomas, The Be Good Tanyas, Bruce Cockburn, Sufjan Stevens, Jim White, Jeff Buckley...

    ... and especially precious, the very first Peter Case album on cassette. Released in 1986, so perhaps his first Greenbelt show was fifteen, sixteen years ago - whatever, on the edge of another sighting of Case the anticipation feels very fresh: "My sister told me on the phone she heard someone on the radio singing about small towns in America. I said I didn't know any songs about America - these songs are about sin and salvation. Have fun."

    [If I blog at all during the festival I'll do it on the festival site, here].