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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, May 27, 2004
    It was here under me nose all the time. Site-Sight, a project: "Using art to create a richer enjoyment, understanding and involvement in our surroundings as an integral part of our everyday lives." Liverpool-based, Site-Sight is directed by Jean Grant, "a leading exponent, working in the specialised field of site specific and environmental art."

    "Artists," she says, "have always been acknowledged as observers and commentators on society. That everyone has a creative sensory understanding of their environment Site-sight's aim is to be the open eye of its clients, be they large corporations or small communities."

    So her work has included:

    "A multi-media installation examination of our changing perception and uses of walking for a people history museum.

    "Turning a mile of dereliction into a measured mile of wild flowers.

    "Using night lights and snow in a school playground as both a celebration, an artwork and a scientific experiment.

    "Growing wild flowers as a metaphor for the care and control in young women's health issues.

    "Involving teenagers to re-assess ways of preventing litter and trespass by innovative possibilities of thorn bushes and their planting.

    "Celebrations, from making a specific gift to involving 5 marquees and a palm house."

    She's had local people following the course of forgotten inner-city streams; she's been planting a peace garden beneath the Anglican Cathedral (the only public collection of wild roses in the country), she's been running a series of urban picnics where local folk, architects, artists, environmentalists have sat together discussing how to transform underused or derelict land into friendly spaces... and so on...

    I discovered Site-sight while exploring the local options on offer during this year's Architecture Week. Jean is launching her Pool Project then, an exploration of Liverpool's tidal pool, one of the city's lost routes.

    Part of the event is a walk, of course. I'll be on it.