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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, May 13, 2004
    Only one is a wanderer
    And what do you do, John?"
    "Oh, just wander about."

    The line is from Vertigo and I got a Vertigo movie postcard today from one of those folks at Wrights & Sites. I've blogged about them before, producers of the Mis-Guide to Exeter. Folks into walking as observation, as performance, as art.

    "That's a good occupation. And you live here alone? One shouldn't live alone."
    "Some people prefer it, you know."

    The postcard accompanied an unsolicited but very welcome bundle of papers. Welcome because they describe a series of walks these folk have been doing over past months and years. Starting with a description of Phil Smith's Z Worlds walks, Z because "our catapult was the first bus of the day in Exeter: the Z bus that only runs that once each day."

    This map describes a Z route. It's from the Exeter A-Z site and beneath it scrolls the following description:

    EXETER A-Z Z Early Morning Special zzzZZZ 05:46 High Street darkness ... 2 men in overalls ... a boy in denim slumped over the front seat zzzZZZ 05:58 Alphington curtains closed at number 29 zzzZZZ 06:09 Redhills WRONG WAY LOVE! calls an early morning regular to the driver zzzZZZ 06:14 Exwick MUM WON £3500 ... SHE HAD 5 NUMBERS RIGHT zzzZZZ 06:25 High Street CHEERS MY LOVE ... SEE YOU TOMORROW ... daylight

    I like this conscious approach to journeying. Look forward to reading the bundle (and reporting back on it). Its arrival was timely, because next week I begin a series of walks around here. Part of my project to listen and learn about the local community, the walks should also be a bit of fun. I'll get some ideas from Exeter about how to see this bit of Liverpool.

    "Don't you think it's a waste, to wander separately?"

    On at least some of the walks I'll have friends and colleagues for company. And I'm glad for that. As it says on the front of the movie postcard, the culmination of this piece of dialogue,

    "Only one is a wanderer. Two together are always going somewhere."