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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, April 23, 2004
    If Jesus drove a motor home
    If Jesus drove a motor home, I wonder would he drive pedal to the metal, or real slow? Checking out the stereo. Cassette playing Bob Dylan, motivation tapes. Tricked up Winnebago, with the tie-dye drapes. If Jesus drove a motor home... If Jesus drove a motor home, and he come to your town, would you try to talk to him? Would you follow him around? Honking horns at the drive thru. Double-parking at the mall. Midnight at the Waffle House - Jesus eating eggs with y'all. If Jesus drove a motor home... Buddha on a motorcycle, Mohammed on a train. Here comes Jesus in the passing lane... but everybody smile, 'cause everybody's grooving. Ain't nothing like the feeling of moving with a bona fide motorized savior. Now if we all drove motor homes, well maybe in the end, with no country to die for, we could just be friends. One world as our highway. Ain't no yours or my way. We'd be cool wherever we roam - if Jesus drove a motor home.

    Even on the first couple of plays, Jim White's new album satisfies high expectations. No-one else straddles the very thin line between heresy and holiness as sucessfully as he does in his home-spun slice-of-life alt-country homilies. Jim's had a strange journey, as he explains on his bit of the Luaka Bop website. It's enriched him, and now it enriches and entertains us. Perfectly.