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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, March 19, 2004
    DNA from sweet FA
    On a day of sorting out utilities for the new house, stopping and starting standing orders, redirecting post, two moments of light: one, when a bishop sat in my living room and prayed for me; and two, this, from today's New Statesman Competition, a bible story retold to illustrate the athieistic point of view:

    "In the beginning was nothing. A deathly silence was upon the face of the void until the great day upon which nothing became something. For millions of years lay something upon the face of nothing, until the coming of the Day of the Soup. From that soup came the amoeba after his kind and the jellyfish and the lizard with his optic nerve and his retina and the dugong, the axolotl and the orang-utan with his cochlea and his pancreas and his beating heart. And great was the Day of the Soup, for that soup was the soup of men. The soup was the father and mother of our forefathers Leonardo and Mozart, of Aristotle and Newton and Melvyn Bragg and Billy Bragg after their kind, of Kylie and Jason and of she who is called Delia. And great is Delia of the Profiteroles, whose coming was with thunder and lightning and a great cloud and a great trumpet blast. Oh, how exceeding great thou art, O Blind Chance, that brought forth light from darkness, motion from stillness, something out of nothing, DNA from sweet FA, rendered the inanimate animate, and provideth us with banoffee pie that passeth all understanding!" David Silverman