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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, February 15, 2004
    The road less travelled
    I didn't count on listening to Norwegian house music this afternoon, but it's One World: Sunkissed Live which is streaming as I write. This is because of one man, Pip, who has cheered up a dead space of the day with a lovely blog about me. Which is the sort of thing he does so habitually and so well, builds people up.

    Pip says I'm a fellow-traveller on the road less travelled. Which reminded me, I've not yet read that book. But I think I understand the idea. Travellers on that road are prepared to face their difficulties - and to suffer through the ensuing changes. Seeking serenity and a richer existence, travellers on that road try to embrace reality together.

    The road less travelled is a place of grace. The soundtrack to that road is sometimes Norwegian house but neither Dido nor The Deviants would be turned away. The speed of travel on that road is unhurried, humane. Fellow-travellers aren't competing; they're helping each other along. Before Pip's blog put me onto Norwegian house I'd been hearing The King of Nothing Hill by Barry Adamson, whose opening song is broken by this abrupt interruption, which I think shares the spirit of that road:

    BARRY'S SON: "Hey Dad"
    ADAMSON: "Er, yes, son?"
    BARRY'S SON: "Can I sing along to 'Cinematic Soul'?"
    ADAMSON: "Of course you can, son, I mean, what is a song if you can't sing along?"
    (at which point, the groove resumes)