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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, February 12, 2004
    Disciplined self-indulgence
    Oblique Strategies is just now telling me to embrace "Disciplined self-indulgence". I like that. It fits, in this week of farewells and hellos. Takes a bit of discipline to get around all those people who you know want to say goodbye to you, but it's been moving, the warmth of peoples good wishes - plus, I've recieved some great gifts up to now. So...

    The other night, had the Men's group round for a curry and beer and Peter Kay Live at The Bolton Albert Halls; gift: bottle of Glenmorangie and a lovely pewter quaich.

    Yesterday morning, I told the school assembly this was my last appearance and they applauded wildly; gift: a china plate bearing the school crest.

    Last night, the kids at Junior club all disappeared into the kitchen as I returned from an errand one of the other leaders had sent me on. They presented me with wonderfully touching handmade cards and -- the greatest gift ever, this -- an Everton FC football signed by the whole EFC squad. The children understand.

    Today, at Clergy Chapter, prior to our usual lunch at Cains Brewery Tap, words of fondness, wisdom and warning from valued colleagues; gift: a bottle of Merlot and an Everton stats book.

    Tonight, time for hellos as I'm out again, this time for a meal with the new lot. Disciplined self-indulgence; I can live with this awhile.