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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, January 07, 2004
    Tenuous #2
    How tenuous a hold we have on joy. Had a football gone an inch or two another way tonight at Goodison Park then 40,000 people would have been significantly more joyful - or significantly less. As it is, after a truly engrossing, deeply encouraging 1-1 draw v. Arsenal we all emerged more or less joyful. Which, in this transitory life, is a change worth embracing, a chance worth taking.

    Yet there is permanence too. Expressed especially in the deeply respectful silence the 40,000 paid to the memory of T.G. Jones, an Everton and Wales giant of the 1940s who passed away on Saturday afternoon, aged 86. Goodison felt like a real community as the floodlights caught the night's first flurry of rain, the drops hitting the ground all that could be heard during those precious moments.

    And permanence in the chants. "We'll support you evermore" - easy to sing on a night of honour; but truly meant. Often sung in defeat, tonight's was a rendition to relish. Far from the last time those stadium walls will echo it.

    Tonight evertonfc.com says, "Henry was well shackled, Pires subdued, Ljungberg anonymous and it was all down to the feverish determination of this excellent Everton side. Never has a single point been so richly earned or so enthusiastically received." All this, and home with Cat Power up loud on my cd singing, "Good things coming / Cause the good thing's coming." Ought a curate wear his team colours to school assembly? Only tomorrow will tell.