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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, October 27, 2003
    Glowing from the inside
    The autumn light made the trees of Calderstones Park shine as is from inside - a last glow of life, like embers, before they shed their last leaves. The park whispered green, red, gold and yellow as we walked it and the mallards quacked.

    And then rush-hour dusk-light: queuing on Upper Parliament Street was a rare pleasure because here it was the buildings which glowed from inside - Edwardian terraces, Georgian mansions, freshly-refurbished, illuminated rooms on display through generous windows, whetting the appetites of mortgage-market motorists considering the currently-fashionable move out of the suburbs into the city. Filling my heart with gladness at the invention of those who built our city and at those working at reinvention today.

    The perfect autumn day: capped by the long-awaited release of The Real New Fall LP (formerly 'Country on the Click'). Smith's taken a year remixing this. Still working through my first play, nevertheless I'm certain this cd will amuse and thrill me well into the winter. He's a curmudgeon, people like to say about Smith. Hard to dispute with lyrics like "I hate the countryside so much / I hate the country folk so much" ('Contraflow'). But he's desperately funny and street smart with it (as celebrated in this Guardian review c/o Fall News Service). So for me this acute observer of our crooked life is also one who glows, yes, as if from the inside.