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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, September 06, 2003
    Greens and ancestor worship
      Wise words from the departing
      The death of the mother and the death of the father
      Is something you prepare for
      For all of their life
      For all of your life

      Wise words from the departing
      Eat your greens, especially broccoli
      Wear sensible shoes and always say "thank you"
      Especially for the things you never had
    Coil again, Broccoli. More English Music. I like the band's explanation of this track:
      "Broccoli" - Most personal track. Its dedicated to the poet Jeremy Reed. My good friend who is writing a book on COIL, at leisure, over the next two years. He wrote "The Last Star" an appreciation of Marc Almond on Creation Press. Sleazy on vocals. This is about greens and ancestor worship as revealed to me through spirit discourse with Austin Spare and my grandad (deceased). My lyrics. I always want Peter to sing on stuff. I like writing lyrics for him. Broccoli holds subatomic secrets in its structure. Maybe Man's salvation. Cures you of the urge to sprout cancers esp bowels etc. eat as much organic broccoli as you can people. We recommend it. The brassic family are all helpers of mankind. Be kind to your vegetables. Write to me if you want details of how to adopt and sponsor rare varieties of vegetables.
    David Keenan in The Wire 175, Sept 1998 suggested Coil were part of "a resurgence of an English archetype - the English mystic." Coil concurred. John Balance:
      "I don't know whether it's an English thing or a Celtic thing or just a new way of being. It's so important to be like that - it's what being illuminated is, however you see it. It is in the mystic tradition, not necessarily English, although you can go back to William Blake, there is this resurgence, this emergence, of people behaving like that and being seen to be like that."
    And Peter Christopherson:
      "Whenever you find a culture that has strong regenerative music it's always a culture that has a tradition of mysticism and mystic individuals. I mean English music, whatever you think about it is constantly reinventing itself and changing and mutating into something new and it's actually much more of a living entity than music in America for example which is much more focused on particular styles, repeating the styles, making permutations of it but within quite narrow guidelines."
    Half their music scares me rigid. And that's ok. The other half encourages me to be kind to my vegetables. I can live with these artists.