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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, April 28, 2003
    Wobbly Church
    According to The Wibsite, the much-publicised Inflatable Church is due to make an appearance at the Christian Resources Exhibition where a series of Seminars will be held in it. I note from their website that an Inflatable Church costs £21,750 to buy. Temptingly low.

    Combined with the Inflatable Pub and Inflatable Nightclub which they also offer, you could turn your nearest bit of wasteland into "quite a centre" for a community still keen on wearing stilettos ("No problem with 'high heels', our church has a hard floor.") but - for obvious reasons - willing to lay off the ciggies while indoors. (All you'd need then would be an Inflatable Tesco Metro, to complete the wobbly civic centre).

    Actually, Wobbly Church provokes some interesting ideas. As the people behind Inflatable Church are keen to tell us, currently civil ceremonies can only be held in a church, registry office or specially licensed building. However, they tell us, soon the law will be changed so that the person conducting the ceremony will be licensed instead of the location. "Our church can then be used anywhere!!". Takes me back to Small Ritual's Characteristics of the new church, especially 'portability / modularity / brevity' and 'compactness / playfulness / interactivity'... Why not do church this way? Why not embrace wobbliness as a way forward?