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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, April 08, 2003
    Greenbelt all-year-round
    It lasts just four days but I always felt Greenbelt was for all-year-round. Its an event so densely packed with experiences of the eye, ear, head, heart, that it takes a year to unpack it all and let it live. And at many points during the year it induces the urge to reproduce the festival experience - re-hear those seminars on tape, replay that band's cd, get the photos out, contact those Greenbelt mates.

    So it's good to see that the Greenbelt all-year-round experience is happening increasingly, like on the website with its blog, or the annual Angels weekend.

    One new Greenbelt all-year-round experience is particularly innovative and interesting. The Greenbelt Arts Prize, which this year linked to a project called "Lamentations", a Chaplaincy-sponsored, site-specific exhibition of photography and creative writing being staged by students of the University of Gloucestershire and residents of Leyhill Open Prison. Prizes were awarded for entries in photography and creative writing - strengthening the festival's links with local people and institutions, and keeping that all-year-round spirit going.

    Especially moved, today, to read a winning entry in the latest edition of Wing and a Prayer, from Stan, a Leyhill resident. If you read it you'll see why....
      Stan's Lament

      It was a beautiful sunset
      The sky was crimson, golden and purple
      There had been a shower and the air was fresh, crisp
      - anticipating
      In the dying light, indigo blue
      the fox made a dash, in pursuit? In fear?
      React, avoid, react and can't avoid
      Two tons versus half a ton - No contest.
      Collision somersault crush
      Three dead

      November 4th 2001
      Overtaking a line of traffic on a dual carriageway, and the lead car in an attempt to avoid a fox suddenly swerved into my path
      My near side front collided with his off side rear
      spinning him in the classic pitbull ... and he rolled over, somersaulted a ditch and hit a tree
      He was killed and I pleaded guilty
      I have five years to think about it he has none.