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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, March 20, 2003
    The road goes on and circles a bit
    Two days in Snowdonia were just right. It was beautifully sunny, and on the way cross-country to Stuart and Michelle in Colchester I detoured via Pensarn Harbour, on the wonderful Cardigan Bay coast just south of Harlech. Twenty years ago I worked there, as a volunteer for an outdoor pursuits centre called The Ranch. Twenty-five years ago I made my first visits with the youth club who loved it so much we kept returning. Standing by the harbour's edge yesterday, it could have been yesterday.If you follow.

    Now I'm in Tottenham Court Road easyInternet Cafe after our Greenbelt Soul Space annual planning soiree this afternoon at Julian's place, a wonderful flat in a converted Stockwell church. Lovely to be with a lovely group of folk, these Spiritual Directors who are well at ease with listening to others, listening to God, and so at ease with themselves. So they're great fun too.

    So the odyssey of this week continues. This morning I went Colchester - Rayleigh by car (check it out on the map) and then Rayleigh - London by train. And it hasn't ended yet. Very soom I'll be off down the road to The Astoria to see Kirsten Hirsch's Throwing Muses in concert: probably fifteen years since the last time that happened (in a very sweaty side hall at Liverpool University Student's Union). Like Pensarn Harbour, though, I expect KH and co to have, if anything, got even better having travelled awhile inbetween.