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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, March 02, 2003
    Praise the stuff of Wales
    Dewi (according to Gwenallt) "[went] from shire to shire like the Gypsy of God, with the gospel and the altar in his caravan", Williams (according to the Church Times) rolled up in the car to be welcomed as Archbishop of Canterbury. He offered equally deep, insightful, gentle challenges in his inaugural sermon. We heard some of them this morning.
      'What [do I] pray for for the Church? Confidence, courage, an imagination set on fire by the vision of God the Holy Trinity; thankfulness. The Church of the future, I believe, will do both its prophetic and its pastoral work effectively only if it is concerned first with gratitude and joy; orthodoxy flows from this, not the other way around, and we don't solve our deepest problems just by better discipline, but by better discipleship, a fuller entry into the intimate joy of Jesus's life.'