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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, March 16, 2003
    A little basket case
    The CAP Lent Challenge starts to kick in. My cupboards are as bare as they've been for a long time and I've been fighting myself about how, where and when to shop, perhaps putting off the inevitable, deep, deep challenge - to go out with just a few notes in my pocket rather than a more-than-adequate debit card.

    Many Min. Wagers advised me to get to Aldi - cheap and not nasty at all - but old habits die hard. I ended up doing what I always do - dropping by Tescos after church today. NB: a different Tescos, mainly because I was at All Saints Stoneycroft this morning and the brand-new Old Swan branch is just around the corner en-route. Possibly also because this shopping trip felt different, perhaps had to be different.

    A lower-wage route through the supermarket is a different route. It starts at the little basket stack rather than the trolley park, because I'm buying for just a few days ahead not weeks, buying enough to get by rather than chucking in anything which takes my fancy. And it avoids much that I normally hover over - the fancy pre-packaged meals (I'm no cook and I love their oven-ready stuff), the cd and magazine displays and the luxury yoghurts. Straight in and out sticking strictly to a precise mental list.

    This necessarily trim shopping session was helped by my being away next week. I came out with less than ten items. And some of these are probably too extravagant. Smoked Ham (why not just ham?), Mandarins, and - the greatest excess - Shreddies (where the Tesco equivalent ought to have 'done', but I forgot to look). Boy, I've a lot to learn. And not much to eat in the meantime. I'm afraid I'll have to fall back on the Dolwyddelan Spar tomorrow after all.