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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, March 01, 2003
    Because of Dewi
    Today it was the twenty-fifth turnoff - from the M62 to Mirfield where the Mirfield Centre were hosting a St David's Day exploration 'of how the saints, poetry and song of the Welsh spiritual tradition speaks to us'. Donald (A.M.) Allchin was the speaker and a lovely young woman Sarah Stanton provided music on the harp. A good day - depth, insight, gentle challenge, all in honour and 'memory' of good old Dewi Sant:
      It was a strange sermon that David preached
      After the Sunday Mass before the first of March
      To the crowd that had come to him to mourn his dying;
      'Brothers and sisters, be joyful
      Keep the faith and do the little things
      That you saw and heard from me.'
        from Saunders Lewis, 'The last Sermon of St David'