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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, February 02, 2003
    Time again for The Fire this Time
    It's four months since I last blogged about The Fire this Time, a unique soundtrack to the Gulf war, an imaginative CD project telling it like it really was - and is - utilising quotes from all the key actors from Oliver North to Madeleine Albright, champion of the "deadly remedy" of sanctions against Iraq, illegal under international law:
      Three years in the making, The Fire This Time utilises music, narration and samples to deconstruct the Gulf war, reveal mass media propaganda techniques and illustrate the devastating effect that sanctions have had on the civilian population of Iraq.

      The album features exclusive music and mixes by some of the finest comtemporary electronic artists in the genre, including Orbital, Aphex Twin, Bola, Bass Communion, Michael Stearns, Higher Intelligence Agency, Soma, Barbed, Tom Middleton's Amba, and with additional music by Ashra, Pan Sonic, Speedy J and Kait Gray.
    As we seek to understand and debate the present situation, it'll be salutory but perhaps important to be reminded of these things; that's why I'll be listening to it again tomorrow while travelling to London for a Greenbelt meeting, and that's why I've made a link to it a feature on this page for the time being.