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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, February 25, 2003
    Mustard Seed and Pax Americana
    Tom and Christine Sine have long been a source of forward, radical thinking from their Washington state base. Their books and talks have been consistent sources of challenge and inspiration to me over the years, in promoting radical discipleship and exploring something barely touched by the churches - "futures", using statistical trends and observations to propose new ways of doing church for the new emerging societies.

    They and their network Mustard Seed Associates do some valuable work online too, and today their concern is to get some debate going about 'the new doctrine of Pax Americana that underlies America's new more aggressive foreign policy':
      On September 20, the administration published a new more aggressive foreign policy in the "National Security Document." This new National Security Document declares that this is "... a time of opportunity for America.Ê We will work to translate this moment of opportunity into decades of peace, prosperity, and liberty.Ê The U.S. national security strategy will be based on a distinctly American internationalism that reflects the union of our values and national interests."
    They're asking us to give it a careful read & share it with others and ask their opinion of this new decisive shift in U.S. foreign policy. If you do, you'll find it is disturbing stuff - if you're disturbed by the prospect of "... permanent [U.S.] military and economic domination of every region of the globe, unfettered by international treaty or concern.Ê And ... a stark expansion of global military presence."Ê

    You can get onto this on their website.