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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, December 12, 2002
    McChurch musings
    At this mornings clergy 'chapter' meeting I had my first opportunity to formally share my Corrymeela experiences and thoughts with folks from home. It was good, prompted some good discussion, some honest reflection, as ever some fine wisdom from the experienced heads around the room. More on that as time goes on.

    And the subjects I raised segued well into conversations about the usual business of parish and diocesan life and again, there was some good theologising around issues such as the imposition of 'managerial modernity' on the church, subject of Religion, Theology and the Human Sciences by Richard H. Roberts, who lectured on it in Liverpool last week:

    "The culture of managerial modernity has spread through education, health and social services and has been welcomed by the churches," Roberts says.

    He sets out to show "why many people today feel themselves to be oppressed by systems of management that seem to leave them no option but to conform", and he seeks "to challenge and outflank such seamless, oppressive modernity, through reconfiguration of the religious and spiritual field."

    My copy's in the post. Looking forward to grappling with that. Clergy 'chapters' may be where the Hells Angels got their idea from, they can be quite subversive gatherings ....