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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, December 01, 2002
    Gyda buddugoliaeth arall yn y bag

    From the Irish to the Welsh for a change .. I had four email exchanges with entirely new people yesterday, which was nice. One was from Wyn ap Gwilym from Cowbois, a t-shirt company based in Bala who I've blogged about before. Which was how Wyn found me. He wanted to know how I'd found them. And in the exchange which followed we established that where I fancy myself as a bit of a celt on the quiet, he has a Liverpool background. Funny, that. Or perhaps not, considering Liverpool was the 'capital' of Wales, population-wise, in the nineteenth century till Cardiff started to grow.

    Anyway, their latest t-shirts look great; designed in celebration of the Welsh footy team who are doing very well just now. As they put it, "Gyda buddugoliaeth arall yn y bag [jargon!] - mae Cowbois dros y lleuad ac newydd lansio cyfres o grysa newydd Ôi ddathlu perfformiadau diweddara ein t”m cenedlaethol", that is, "With another three points in the bag - Cowbois are over the moona and have launched a range of new shirts Ôas a tribute to recent performances by our national team!" Check 'em out.