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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, December 16, 2002
    Get a life!
    Fiona's favourite put-down always was "Get a life!" At Ridley Hall, this line successfully debunked much pretentious theologising; pompous irritants were rapidly despatched with that denunciation ringing in their ears. She didn't suffer fools and she was a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere which was sometimes just that bit too precious to be healthy.

    We hadn't spoken for over a year and the arrival of my Christmas card on her doormat today prompted a good catch-up phone call. Which put paid to the theologising I was about to do around the mental environment, having surfed around a bit with various web situationists and psychogeographers. Fiona's done it again. Broke through the ether. Prompted raw conversation in real-time. The blog can wait. I got a life.