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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, October 13, 2002
    Interfering Bishops
    Impressed with bishops today. One - David Hope for saying he's still a parish priest at heart and so is aiming to leave Bishopsthorpe palace to return to that role in a couple of years. What a great example.

    Two - David Sheppard just for being him - I bought his autobiography from our church bookstall today - a man with a rare passion for living up to Christ's bias to the poor, the one thing which inspired me to take Christianity seriously as a teenager and still fires me up today (little else in the safe, safe, church does). He put me forward for ordination. I was honoured.

    And three - the bishops who presented a sizeable and detailed dossier to parliament to underline why a military assault on Iraq would be so wrong. Janet Davies of the Sabeel ecumenical centre for Palestinian Liberation Theology told me she'd just found out about this, and it was news to me too. People complain about the church interefering in politics. Sounds to me they've produced something every bit as substantial as Blair's 'dossier' (whatever happened to that?) and likely to be more persuasive to anyone with a serious eye on world affairs. Keep on interfering - keep on role-modelling - men (and eventually women) like these three!!