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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Monday, September 16, 2002
    Continuing the theme of last Friday's blog.... and yesterday's, too, probably...

    How to teach peace to children
    In a place that's torn and bruised
    How to bring food to a hungry
    Girl who's battered and abused

    How to build hope on housing schemes
    Whose walls are being pulled down
    How to find work for people of worth
    When there's no work around

    How to encourage cries for justice
    When the law's not listening
    How to build a people of prayer
    When the air's full of sirens screaming
    How to help love thrive in lives
    Deprived of such a rare thing

    How to get businesses started
    In a place so starved of cash
    How to look for a religion of love
    Between popery and the sash

    How to keep women out of jail
    Who can't afford their bills
    How to make strangers welcome
    With race hate the root of all ills

    How to fashion beauty
    From faces lined with care
    How to hold hands with the bedridden ill
    Whose families aren't there

    How to address the decision makers
    Forcing changes from afar
    How can the Spirit help us
    Weak as we are?

    Originally written for the Toxteth Team Ministry
    Lay Workers Commissioning Service, 6th September 1996