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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Saturday, September 28, 2002
    A vortex somedays
    Dragged deep into the trauma of sudden death not once but three times on callouts to The Royal Liverpool hospital today. Coming away from those improvised bedside gatherings with beside-themselves relatives and often deeply-affected staff, the city never seems the same. Certainly, this evening, going directly from saying the last rites over a guy only five years my elder, draped with an Everton shirt by his drunk - on beer and tears - brother, straight into the Holy Trinity Harvest Supper was almost too much of a shift to bear gracefully.

    The post-food entertainment, Ian Davies's Films of Liverpool, helped me settle a little. Davies is an ex-council employee who rescued a whole archive of old films of the city, literally from a bin, some years ago, and who now, with the council's blessing, shows them around the city.

    Nothing profound to say about them, but recognising the fashions and faces of the 1970s was a bit of a laugh and a bit of relief, and offers some perspective too. Death's a vortex some days and the city does change through the traumas of its people. But it's still there, no worse than ever - and often better. For starters, being reminded of the curly coiffures of Keegan / Souness and co tonight, I have to say, give me today's haircuts anytime.