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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Wednesday, August 28, 2002
    On the road
    Greenbelt was good as ever; a weekend of seeming non-stop conversations with friends old and new, battered, blue (and some Reds too). Our venue went down well again; it's a fantastic space, no wonder really, it being the most exclusive venue at the Racecourse on race days. And it lends itself well to our usage - a quiet reflective space, basically.

    On the road across countrty from Cheltenham towards Cambridge (where I'm sat now, in the internet cafe beside the Corn Exchange) I visited: Stratford-on-Avon (for fun - watching the boats in the sun), Castle Ashby estate (for Greenbelt reminiscences - it made no impact on me at all), Odell (reason - ditto; but an enjoyable snooze in the churchyard), a big lake by St Neots (to soak up the evening sun), Papworth (to visit friends I met on Iona), The Church of the Good Shepherd, Arbury (to surprise the folk with whom I worshipped for two years, joining them for midweek communion), and St Matthews Church, Soham (to add my prayers, written and unspoken to the thousands of others there). All the while listening to GB2002 seminar tapes (John Bell's yesterday, Cole Moreton's today) and feeling enriched as I always do this week in the year, coming away from the inspirational event and seeing how it links into my life outside.

    And as if to confirm this and keep it all going, I've just bumped into Nick Welsh outside Andy's Records; Nick a GB DJ, general mover and shaker, who this year hosted the film-and-discussion series at the festival, showing films with a 'media' theme (Network, Natural Born Killers...). Two years I lived here, I hardly ever saw him. Two hours passing through today...