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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, August 09, 2002
    The Evil Heat is on...
    The pretty girl searching the cds behind Woolworths counter looked up at me, blushed, and asked, "I'm sorry, could you tell me the name of the artist on this, please?" Moments later I felt embarrassed at having brought this nice person into contact with a cd called EVIL HEAT, its cover a mess of scenes of war and civil disturbance. But life is complex and while the new Primal Scream release is a times as brutal as 2000's XTMNTR it also features a Kate Moss vocal, and rocks and bubbles throughout.

    I need music which engages the state of the world, which is why the Primals remain a must-buy, because of the way they use noise to critique the status quo. But I have to say, the light touch is the right touch sometimes. And at the end of a day when I've struggled with "whoever comes to me will never be hungry" in the face of Africa's famine and this country's impasse over sustainable development, when I've spent time with someone who last month lost her husband to cancer, at 35, who I miss too, it's a kiss of life to
    settle down with the Primals rockin' out in wonderfully banality to lyrics like 'Oooh baby, do it again...'