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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, September 25, 2009
    Should a man blog on his wedding day?
    Should a man blog on his wedding day?

    Better men than I have done it and escaped opprobrium as geeks or a-romantics. But I might not.

    If a man blogs on his wedding day it must mean that:
    - he's so relaxed about the forthcoming nuptials that he can switch into reflexive mode for half an hour;
    - he's so full of the occasion that he needs the world - or at least his 150 online readers - to know;
    - he's so addicted to the computer that he just can't help himself.

    If a man blogs on his wedding day it's probably because:
    - he can't sleep and has to fill the long hours before the arrival of the best man and the wedding cars;
    - his wife-in-waiting can't sleep and she's been phoning every 20 minutes since 5.30am, so he may as well get up;
    - after hours and days of escorting his beloved shopping for chocolates, bedding, jewels, rings and lingerie the emotionally and financially shattered groom-to-be is asleep, and blogging is what he does in his sleep.

    If a man blogs on his wedding day it's likely that:
    - it's displacement activity for the speech he can't complete;
    - it takes his mind off that embarrassing 'first dance' he'll be subjected to later;
    - he needed to make a last-minute honeymoon booking and on the world wide web one thing leads to another.

    I shan't be blogging on my wedding day. But the night before: that's near enough.

    John and Diana Davies, as of 26 Sept 2009. A marriage made in Toxteth and to be continued in Croxteth
    Thanks to all who've supported and encouraged us on our way towards the 'big day'