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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, January 08, 2009
    Used to be Heaven; now it's Cyberspace
    It took 45 minutes for me to join the Uni library today, so while waiting to collect my laminated ticket to endless joys and wonders ahead, I sought out and sat down with Stewart Home's eye-opening compilation Mind Invaders, A Reader in Psychic Warfare, Cultural Sabotage and Semiotic Terrorism. Inevitably, there's lots from the London Psychogeographical Association in there, and also Ludd's Measure by Nigel Ayers, a provocative thesis written maybe a decade before its time (which could be now).
    To understand and hopefully undermine the mythical processes of capitalism, it must be remembered that although capitalism is not a rational system there is a method to its madness. Capitalism is a system of ritual magick, where power lies in the manipulation of symbols. The magick tools its initiates use are: the map, the flag, the clock, the ruler, the calendar, the coin, the name. It is a system of equivalence...

    ... it can be said that the continuing story of advanced capitalism has been in drawing power away from a physical centre into an abstract or virtual one. A centre that is out of reach having been located in quasi-mystical realms its priesthood have dreamt up. This pure place of equivalence - of greater reward - used to be called
    Heaven, now they call it Cyberspace.