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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Sunday, December 07, 2008
    Keep Crossing Fingers

    The Biennial's over for another - how many years? - and I missed most of it. That is, I didn't go inside many galleries while it was on. I think by autumn I'd succumbed to Art Overload In Euro Year Eight. (It was the Spider that did for me: nothing on earth could remotely follow that, may as well pack up, go home, spend the winter glowing with remembered joy). But there was a lot of good Biennial stuff outdoors: those revolving trees (which ok, were static when Lucy and I visited them but magical nevertheless), that massive fluorescent-tubed rabbit on the tower of St James' Church. And, more subtle but my favourite, the signs furtively placed by Otto Karvonen on various sites around the city, designed in standard style and fonts so as to meld into the street scene, but each bearing a quietly subversive or surprising message. The emotional entering a realm where you normally find the functional. Ambiguity overwriting directness. Funny, eye-opening stuff.

    Pics from Liverpool Biennial Flickr set