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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, December 05, 2008
    Dot tagged me to write a creed in under 140 characters. I found this hard for full of flu my brain and body are not functioning well. I'm quite averse to these "oooh, aren't we all wonderful, connecting on the internet together" taggy-type adventures: probably how it feels all the time for those on Facebook, what a cringe. And I resisted it, for the whole idea of a creed is to exclude 'others' (and following the tag back to its origin I think that view is sadly confirmed). But Dot's a friend, wouldn't want to let her down, know I need to lighten up, and so I had a go.
    God, perhaps, is: gentle, good and moderate, not zealous nor religious, joyously resistant to dogma; not where I am but where I hope to be.
    Well done for spotting the inspiration: the first bit is a reworking of Bede's depiction of Aidan, seer of Lindisfarne. Iain Sinclair quotes it in Lights Out for the Territory which I've been reading, inbetween sleep, all day. Now, I refuse to burden someone else with a tag now but if you want to add your words of credal wisdom in the comments here, it'd be interesting to read them.