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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, April 03, 2008
    Going through walls - being really alive
    I dreamed that love was a crime
    I was alone, so lonely and blue
    You know why? Because eight men and four women, Lord
    They found me guilty of loving you
    Diamanda Galas opens her new album Guilty Guilty Guilty with a cover of O.V. Wright's Eight Men and Four Women and in characteristic style she rips the bleeding heart out of the song and offers it up so searingly, so starkly that it's hard for the terrified listener to disagree with the blind judges that her love is a heinous crime. Guilty Guilty Guilty is as uncompromising, harrowing and essential as any of Diamanda's previous dark exorcisms. These aren't mere songs, they are vehicles into engrossing, scorching, transformational worlds. Diamanda's done some excellent press too, on the album's release, underground, quality press, naturally:
    People say [I speak for the dead], but I don’t know what they mean. [laughs] I’ve felt dead enough in my own life. Not to glamorize it too much.
    But I am not a Goth, I’m a Greek. Goth means German. Being a Greek is not a geographical reality, it’s a spiritual reality. I’ve heard it said you have to go through a wall, and you have to push very hard to go through it. So you have that amount of force to get through it. Also, Greek people are always talking loud, they’re screaming all the time, it’s part of the culture that came up with Greek tragedy. That’s why I love this psychotic art form. Every tragedy that comes out is the avenging of someone by revenge - the mother whose son has to be killed, who killed the daughter, who killed the father. It’s so close, these things, and blood is too close.
    But a song is in a sense a point of being really alive, really very vitally alive. I find it interesting when I hear people say I’m doing dark subjects, because I think, well, maybe they’re thinking that because what I’m doing is the opposite of being dead, and maybe I have to be extremely energized, or I’m fighting to get away from something, just getting away from that depression, so I have to fight harder than other people, and maybe that struggle is evident.
    - Diamanda Galas interviewed in the current Arthur Magazine.