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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008
    Qianlong everyday

    A fantastic postcard from Nick today alerted me to the art of 18th century China, depicting scenes from the reign of the Qianlong Emperor. Thoughtfully sent to me after an excellent conversation last week about 'reading the everyday', the image (similar to but not the same as that above) is one you could linger with for ages, investigating the detail, savouring the questions which emerge about who these people are and what they are doing and saying.

    The postcard originated at the Royal Academy of Arts' Three Emperors exhibition of 2006, which I missed. Plenty of these riches on that site and even more detail on the Grandeur of the Qing website from which I've culled this image. At a time of year where the weather's rather unconducive to urban lurking and looking, it's great to be able to stay indoors and soak in the detail of these wonderful pictures instead.
    Image from Grandeur of the Qing website