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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Thursday, January 04, 2007
    First bit of kit for the road
    When I was a student journo working on Gair Rhydd I bought myself a Walkman which recorded as well as played back. It saw some good service - interviewing the likes of The Housemartins' Paul Heaton and Norman Cook (later Fatboy Slim), the classical guitarist John Williams and the Everest adventurer Chris Bonington, plus many NUS and local politicians and campaigners.

    I kept it for years as I continued doing freelance work back home in Liverpool while signing on, but as that work faded in the shadow of the nine-to-five, I used the Walkman less and less, and mostly for listening to music while in the bath. Which probably explains why one day years later, thinking I might have a use for the recorder again, I rediscovered it in a fatal condition - it had rusted up.

    The walk will require a voice recorder, to capture the rich conversations I hope to have with various folks en-route and help me translate them to text. And the funding for the project has been quite generous. So after Christmas I decided to invest in my first bit of kit for the road - an Edirol R-09 WAVE/MP3 Recorder. Jeanette, interviewing me for a documentary about Liverpool, introduced me to this ultra-portable and lightweight little box of tricks and the trade reviews are positive. So today mine arrived, all the way from Treppendorf. And it is indeed very good.

    So, here's my first recording (there won't be too many of these online, I promise), me reciting today's reading from Growing Hope, which is a great prayer by Tom Gordon: [.mp3] [text downloadable here].