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john davies
notes from a small vicar
from a parish
in Liverpool, UK

    Friday, January 19, 2007
    Entrances to Hell

    An astonishing revelation. An army of fearless investigators has been, for the past few years, compiling photographic evidence of entrances to hell in the UK. This vital work, done at no small personal risk by these secretive carriers of digital cameras and notebooks, has revealed such portals of the underworld as Braaashteeefunorvallishhtuuu, between Currys and the hairdressers in Wallasey, which is only 80 years old and is where 'Satan's heat-image can sometimes be seen ... and it has recently been proven that all of the earth's insects were born just inside the metal door.'

    Geg, in Bloomsbury, looks like a door in a railway arch but it reportedly has a 2400 sq ft photography studio located 1 mile from the surface, 'used mostly by the devil's PR people but it can be rented at a competitive rate depending on availability'. I like the website entry on Geg because it also gives access to an mp3 of the sound of Geg which is, as you might expect, quite chilling.

    The website displays over 100 entrances to hell, has a fascinating news page and a thoroughly entertaining letters page. The site's Compiler-In-Chief, Dr Rae Gates, is careful to warn potential explorers of entrances to hell of the safety risks involved, and strives to keep the site refreshingly free of rude and/or naughty words.

    There's only one entrance to hell listed for Liverpool, which actually isn't in Liverpool, so perhaps we ought to be keeping our eyes and ears open for any others there may be... this comes immediately to mind.

    [Source: Andrew K├Âtting in Vertigo Magazine]